Riding Camels 5 Days

First day:  Starting around 8:00h in the morning taking to Erg Ch’gaga. After 3hours of walking, we’ll have lunch in Race Nkhal, 15:00h continuing to Oued Naam, after 2hours of walking, we’ll make a camp and have dinner near the beautiful dunes

Second day: Starting from Oued Naam around 8:00, walking 3hrs through the big lake (Reg), lunch in Loitide, 15:00 walk through the area of the outstanding dunes (Erg), camp and dinner there

Third day:  After Breakfast we’ll walk a big part of Hamada (stone desert), lunch in the sacred Oasis. In the evening, take the road to Dunes of Ch’gaga, night under tents and dinner there.

Forth day:  after breakfast we’ll take our road from l’Erg Ch’gaga to go back to M’hamid, after 3 hours of walks, lunch under the shadow on an acacia, 15:00h we’ll continue 2 hours of walking, night and camp in the dunes of Bougran

Fifth day:  starting from Bougran in the morning, after 3hours of walking, we’ll have lunch in Lbour, at 15:00 we’ll go back to M’hamid around 18:30h